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Your employees are an important part of running your business successfully. This is the season to show them your appreciation, and holiday gifts are one great way to do that. Often, gifts from employers can seem impersonal or even unusable. This list of holiday gift ideas for employees is here to change that.

Below, we’re sharing 15 ideas for fun, thoughtful, and useful gifts for every budget.

Holiday Treats

Food is a great gift because it’s something that will always be used and appreciated. When choosing an edible treat to give to employees, look for something that’s universally enjoyed, or something that’s easy to share. Chocolate is usually a safe choice and fresh fruit is a healthy (and tasty) option.

The Gift of Groceries

In the past, it was a tradition for many companies to give employees a turkey as a holiday gift. That tradition might not be feasible for many companies today, but you can choose a gift with the same sentiment. Giving gift cards for a grocery store can help your employees with their holiday menus.


The holidays tend to be a stressful time of year for small businesses. Vouchers for spa services are a great way to help your employees unwind and let go of some of that stress. As an added benefit, everyone will come back to the office feeling rested, renewed, and ready for action at the beginning of the new year.

Time Out of the Office

Sticking with the theme of rest and relaxation, you might opt for skipping the physical gifts and giving your employees a paid day off instead. This is the gift of allowing your employees extra time with the families over the holidays, or whenever they might want to use the time.

Headphones for Peace and Quiet

If your office has an open floor plan, you know how loud and chaotic it can get. Headphones are an easy way for employees to drown out the noise when they need to focus on the work in front of them. Headphones come in every price range, so you’ll able to find a pair to fit in any budget.

Unlimited Music

If you’ve noticed that your employees are already using headphones to get into the zone during the workday, give them the gift of free music. A Spotify subscription allows users to listen to their own music or pre-made playlists, uninterrupted by ads. You can buy subscriptions for 1, 3, 6, or 12 months.

Planner for Productivity

When it comes to gifts that can be used in the office, you can’t beat a planner. You can encourage your employees to get organized and stay focused, while giving them something that they’ll use every day. Customized planners can make the gift more personal.

Décor to Brighten the Office

Every workspace could use a little extra color and life. When you’re choosing a gift that will work for every employee, plants are the perfect option. Look for plants like succulents that don’t require a lot of maintenance. Your team will be able to leave the plants on their desks without worrying about them wilting over the weekend or can take them home.

Personalized Mugs

For an office full of coffee and tea drinkers, there’s nothing better than the gift of caffeine. If you have the time, picking out a mug to suit every personality in the office will show that you’ve put some serious thought into your gift. If your budget allows, add a coffee shop gift card to each mug before giving them out.

New Water Bottles

In the interest of promoting a healthy workplace, an alternative to coffee mugs as gifts is giving out new water bottles. Ranging from a simple stainless steel cup with a straw to a bottle that allows for infusing water with fresh fruit, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

A Night Out

Your employees work hard and probably deserve a night out to relax and have fun. You can help them with that by giving movie tickets as gifts that they can use whenever they want, or tickets to a show during the holiday season. For another option that helps support other small businesses, you could also choose gift certificates to local restaurants.

A Night In

If your employees tend to be homebodies, you might give them streaming devices for a holiday gift. With streaming devices, everyone can use their wireless internet connection to watch their favorite shows and movies. There are several Roku devices available in a range of prices to fit your budget, along with the Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV stick, and more options to choose from.

Gift Cards to Pick the Perfect Present

Gift cards might seem like phoning it in when it comes to choosing holiday gifts, but there’s a reason this is a popular option. It’s also the safe choice if you’re looking for something that you can buy in bulk that will make everyone happy. Choose cards for stores like Target or Amazon where each individual will be sure to find something they’ll use and love.

Company Branded Products

Show some company spirit with branded products. You can put your company logo on everything from magnets to watches. For holiday gifts, the goal is to choose the products that your employees will be sure to use. Jackets, water bottles, and laptop bags are all gifts that will be used daily, with the added benefit of promoting your company.

A Holiday Lunch

You don’t need to give a physical gift to show your employees your appreciation. Hosting a holiday lunch will give your team a nice break in the middle of the day during an otherwise hectic season. Chains like Panera have something for everyone, or you could support another local business by hiring them to cater. If you’re planning to hand out holiday bonuses or you’ve organized a Secret Santa, this is a great opportunity to do it!

Giving Gifts to Employees

When choosing gifts for your employees, putting some time and thought into it will show your team that you care. Include a handwritten card to let each person know that you appreciate the time, energy, and effort they’ve dedicated to the company over the past year.

Jess Barnes

Jess has a passion for helping small business owners build their brands and connect with their customers. She writes about money, tech, and marketing for blogs and businesses.

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