Without a viable website, it’s tough to consider any modern-day company to be legitimate. More than that, the website needs to be eye-catching, highly optimized, and easy to navigate. This is where web design agencies come in (and where web design agencies run into trouble). 

Sites like WordPress, Wix, and Shopify make it fairly straightforward for the novice to design their own site. But, can they produce the same result as someone with coding knowledge and a degree in digital design? No, not really. 

So, if you’re gearing up to prepare your sales pitch for website design, we’re here to help you brainstorm. There are a few ways to help your future clients see they not only need you, but they’re going to love you.


Sell the Functionality

Sure, one of the biggest wow factors to a gifted web designer is a site that looks like something out of a Paramount Pictures flick. But, the truth is, clients aren’t looking for your artistic capabilities (for the most part). 

What they want is a site that’s going to help them make money. So, how can you hone in on that? Be sure to express how your web design skills will help them meet their business goals. Don’t just say things like “smart formatting” or “easy to scroll.” 

Rather, focus on things like trackable metrics (i.e., number of site visitors), an ability to capture and generate leads (i.e., newsletter signups), and conversion rates (i.e., those who have turned from browsers to buyers).


Go Heavy On Your Portfolio

Clichés are often repeated because they’re often true. A picture is worth a thousand words. You want to make sure you’re pitching your leads with cold, hard facts.

Post a multitude of websites you’ve designed (whether in actuality or just for fun). Allow potential clients to see the image quality, the versatility, the ease of use. And don’t just focus on the aesthetics. Again, focus on the functionality and intended results of each feature.


Mention Image Quality

Nowadays, people can sniff out a stock image from a mile away. Sell your ability to create unique images that are custom-made for their business. If you have photography skills, then we need to talk about portfolios again.

Perhaps you can share a selection of copyrighted photos with your clients. They’ll be able to see that the images placed on their site are unique, memorable, and worthy of the investment they’re about to make in your company.


Don’t Be Afraid to Get Technical

When we’re developing sales pitches, we tend to speak to the person in the room with the least amount of knowledge. That’s a good rule of thumb. But, the reason people may be coming to you is because they feel like they’re in over their heads. 

This is your chance to express your knowledge. While there’s a lot of technical jargon in your line of work, some of it can be easily explained. So, if you want to express your ability to design an effective landing page, then say so!

It’ll only take another sentence or two to explain that a landing page is the first page people see after clicking on your site from a Google search. In a way, you can take on a bit of a tutorial role in your sales pitch because that’s part of what you’re selling – your knowledge in an industry rife with tricky jargon.


Emphasize a Long-Term Relationship

What if you sign, seal, and deliver a fantastic site to a customer and then it never gets spruced up again? Sooner or later, their site will appear to be behind the times (all while losing some of its functionality). 

Pitch your ability to remain by their side for the long haul. Note that you’ll provide system-wide updates, slide back in every month for maintenance and freshening, and be readily available for any outages.


Be the Whole Enchilada

Guess what? If you can design an award-winning website, then you can also run their Facebook business page, their Instagram account, and their blog. Once customers have a good impression of you, they’re going to want to entrust more to you. 

Offer to run their Facebook page, including Facebook ads. Again, offer samples of Facebook ads you’ve created for other clients. Show some examples of sponsored ads you’ve created for Instagram. 

As for blogging, well, content creation is a different matter. But, perhaps you can team up with a freelance writer who will create the content for your clients while you make sure those posts are SEO optimized and, you guessed, it, image-worthy.


A Masterful Sales Pitch for Website Design

Out of all this, there’s one underlying theme we’ve neglected to mention. Be confident! Sell your ability to create a smoothly-functioning, smart, and impactful website. 

It’s going to be impactful if it can produce quantitative results, i.e., site visitors, and draw in new leads. Your sales pitch for website design should not shirk away from technical terms and long-term goals. That’s precisely why you’re here!

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