5 Reasons Why Businesses Acquire New Equipment Before the End of the Year

Are you on the fence about whether to get new equipment this year or next? Perhaps you’ve wanted to invest in new machinery for a while but haven’t got around the sorting it out. Or maybe you’re unsure whether it’s financially advantageous to do it now or wait a while. [...]

How to Calculate the Entrepreneur’s Salary

The average entrepreneur salary in the USA is somewhere between $68,000 and $72,000. It’s far higher than the average incomes in many industries but there are also many entrepreneurs who don’t pay themselves at all. So, if you’ve started your own business but are sitting on the fence about your [...]

7 Traps All Entrepreneurs Fall Into (But You Don’t Need To)

Unfortunately there's no Holy Grail of business ownership; a goblet, that upon taking a sip, you're bestowed with all of the information necessary to run a thriving enterprise. Many times running a business can feel like quite the opposite; a toddler's sippy cup spilling on your head, with you scrambling [...]

4 Myths for Short-Term Small Business Loans

There are lots of myths related to short-term business loans. Some of them are due to scare-mongering while others are perpetuated by the companies promoting long-term options. Whatever your reason for looking at small business loans, it’s important to get clarity on what’s right for your needs. So, if you’re [...]

Restaurant Loan Options for Managing Seasonal Cash Flow Issues

Securing a restaurant loan can help you to deal with the peaks and dips of a seasonal business. Depending on your venue’s location, cuisine, and business model, you may find that the majority of your income is generated in the summer or holiday period. For some restaurant owners, this can [...]

5 Ways to Finance Your Construction Business

Construction business loans have been hard to come by since the financial crash of 2008. But there are still funding opportunities available if you know where to look. Whether you need funds to purchase equipment, secure office or showroom space, expand your operations, or take advantage of a big job [...]