7 Traps All Entrepreneurs Fall Into (But You Don’t Need To)

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Unfortunately there's no Holy Grail of business ownership; a goblet, that upon taking a sip, you're bestowed with all of the information necessary to run a thriving enterprise. Many times running a business can feel like quite the opposite; a toddler's sippy cup spilling on your head, with you scrambling around to find a napkin. [...]

The Top 5 Ways of Using a Business Cash Advance

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You may have been warned against things like cash advances and loans—however, if you put it towards good use, taking out a cash advance is an incredible idea to grow and improve your business. We’ve all heard the saying, “It takes money to make money.” With a business cash advance, you can transform a relatively [...]

4 Ways to Save on Your Credit Card Processing Fees

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In today’s market, shoppers are using cash less than they were 5 years ago—replacing the dollar bills in their wallets with plastic payment methods. Credit cards offer both security and convenience to shoppers, but they can add up to costly processing fees for businesses if merchants aren’t careful. As the trend continues towards a cashless [...]

12 Technology Hacks To Grow Your Business To The Next Level

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This article may be a bit different than most you'll see us put out there. I wanted to get away from any "fluff" whatsoever, and help you identify the best tools and technology hacks you can utilize within your business that will directly impact your bottom line. When taking into consideration all of these software [...]

Exploring The Section 179 Tax Deduction (Infographic)

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It's that time of the year again... If you're a small business owner, you're likely very excited to embark on a new year and perhaps celebrate some big wins or advancement in 2016! However, if you've ended the year with net profit on the books, this time of year can be equally stressful when considering [...]

Local Businesses Serve A Greater Impact On Community

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Over the past eight years or so, political rhetoric in the US has placed increasing importance on the idea of “job creation.” People, employers and pundits alike have branded certain pieces of legislation and industry trends as either job creators or job killers. Outsourcing, the increasing cost of paying American workers, disputes over healthcare, the [...]

Why Company Leadership Needs To Embrace Diversity

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Diversity. It’s an idea rapidly becoming a prominent practice in the lives of Americans. School curricula all over the country include statements of diversity; small and large businesses alike make it a necessary part of their goals. It is a fixture of everyone’s life, especially those that work with people, which is mostly everyone. But [...]

How To Get Funding For Your Business If Banks Turn You Down

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Typically, when a business is in need of additional funding or capital, they turn first to banks. Banks, however, are not always the quickest or the best option for small businesses, and it is oftentimes hard to get loan approval. In fact, only about 34% of small businesses receive funding through a bank loan. Fortunately, there [...]

Interview Insights For Employers

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"Motive and drive are key indicators into a candidate's future performance." Motive trumps skill when hiring new team members. Based on new research, here's some new interview insights for employers that could get you away from the typical hum-drum interview process. Most interviews cover the same ground: past experience, salary requirements, reasons for leaving current [...]

Improving Your Business Credit Profile

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Remember how important your credit score was the first time you took out a loan on a new car or bought your first home? In the same way, your business credit score can be a help or a hindrance. When the time comes to push your company forward and an infusion of cash flow is [...]