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The world of credit card processing and merchant services can be tough to navigate. Processors and resellers often over-promise and under-deliver or hide additional fees in the confusing verbiage of your contracts. If you are a small business that is looking to accept credit cards, you need to be educated so you are not taken advantage of.

Strategic Capital is unique in that we are agnostic to our processing partners. For our clients, this means we’ll work tirelessly to obtain the best rates and service standards for you, often times saving you hundreds of dollars in transaction fees each month!

Online Credit Card Processing Improves Cash Flow

If your business is still operating on a cash and carry basis, you are likely missing out on thousands of dollars in sales and putting yourself at a real competitive disadvantage. Studies show that consumers who pay via credit card tend to spend more than those who use cash for transactions. The issue for most businesses is not if you need card processing, it’s making the right decision on your partner. Let’s face it, there is no shortage of merchant suppliers both online and offline that can supply your business with processing services so let’s discuss what makes us different.

Why Choose Us For Card Processing Solutions?


  • Solid Foundation and Reputation

  • Strong Industry Partnerships

  • Expert Analysis and Evaluation
  • Commitment To Our Clients Goals

  • We’ve Done The Research For You

  • 94% Of Our Clients Save Money!

Strategic Capital can provide credit card, debit card and electronic check processing for almost any kind of business; from hotel chains to retail shops, beauty professionals to eCommerce setups. Partnering with Strategic Capital, you gain access to our friendly team with years of experience and end-to- end knowledge across everything regarding credit card processing for small to large business. We understand the unique needs for businesses in any niche or industry and we work to develop a custom solution for each client that comes our way.


Decreased Rates
Client Satisfaction Rating
Average Monthly Savings

Listen To What Our Clients Are Saying!

We could brag about our technology or underwriting speed, but at the end of the day, it’s really much simpler than that. We continuously receive amazing reviews because we’re fully dedicated to our clients end goals and passionate about seeing the small business community thrive.

“Strategic Capital is ahead of the curve.”

“That was really simple. I don’t know what else to say. This is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had working with a sales agent or company in general. I wanted to thank you for all your hard work. We were denied a loan by our banker and you guys went to bat for us. The offers were very reasonable within two hours flat and the whole process was a breeze! Strategic Capital is definitely ahead of the curve.” – Rachel, Event Planning

The entire process was extremely fast and involved minimal paperwork. The time between submitting my application to receiving the funding was less than two days. If I would’ve applied for a regular bank loan, there’s no chance I would’ve had time to pay our invoices that were stacking up. Great experience overall. Thanks again guys!
Chase, Freight & Logistics
When our restaurant started to face some temporary hardship this past fall, Strategic Capital gave us the capital we needed to invest in new ways of marketing, expedite our hiring process, and keep the doors open! Our sales representative was very courteous and gave us a few funding options to pick from. I appreciate all your help.
Karen, Food & Beverage
Let me just say this, you are great joy to work with! We had the opportunity to purchase large amount of inventory at big discount. We needed capital outside of our normal budget in a week’s time and the advisor we worked with made very simple. He helped us get the capital ahead of schedule and take advantage of the purchase. Thanks!
Sanjay, Wholesale Distribution

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