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Workforce trends are changing, and the gig economy is growing stronger. Those who take part are independent contractors or freelancers, delivering services ranging from making deliveries to developing apps. With improving technology and the ability to handle many tasks on mobile devices, it’s easier than ever for individuals to take on side work or turn their gigs into full time jobs.

According to Forbes, 57 million people in the US are a part of the gig economy. That’s over one third of the workforce. For workers, this means choosing their own hours and flexibility in where, when, and how much they’ll work. For business owners, it can mean saving time, being budget conscious, and getting more accomplished in the work week.

Today, we’re taking a look at how the gig economy can help you run your business more efficiently while saving money along the way.

Save Time with Day-to-Day Tasks

As a business owner, you know how quickly a schedule can fill up. With important tasks to take care of each day, you may not have time for some of the more mundane tasks that are necessary to keep your business running smoothly. Virtual assistants can take some of those daily projects off of your plate. Hire your virtual assistant to handle things like bookkeeping, data entry, making travel arrangements, and managing your email. Your time will be freed up to check off your own to do list.

Supplement with Skills You’re Lacking

You and your staff have plenty of talents and skills, but in a small business, it’s likely that there are some gaps that you’d like to fill. For example, you might not have anyone with a graphic design background which could be an issue when you’re creating promotional materials. If you frequently have a need for a designer, it might be worth hiring someone to fill that role. If these projects only come up periodically, you can save money by hiring a freelance designer to take on your projects as needed.

Hire Workers Quickly and Start Jobs Immediately

With sites like Upwork and Fiverr, you can find a freelancer within hours and hire them to start working immediately. Gig workers come to these sites daily, ready to share their skills. When you create an account on the sites, you’ll have instant access to a wide pool of talent. With instant messages, you can quickly set up the terms of the project and offer instructions to keep the project running smoothly. When the job is complete, pay for the service through the website or app and get back to your day.

Find the Flexibility You Need

Some roles in a company might be seasonal. Others might be project-based. With the gig economy, you can hire workers for only the time you need them, without paying for the additional costs that come with hiring a full-time employee. You won’t need to cover insurance and benefits or decide how to keep seasonal employees during the off season. By hiring independent contractors with specific skillsets only when needed, you can work toward putting your small business on a more level playing field as companies with more resources.

As long as you treat your freelance workers well and offer reasonable rates, you’ll always have a skilled and professional workforce available. Use the growing gig economy to supplement your staff and build your business.

Jess Barnes | Jess has a passion for helping small business owners build their brands and connect with their customers. She writes about money, tech, and marketing for blogs and businesses.

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