When you’re running a small business, one of the best marketing tools you can take advantage of is positive customer feedback. In fact, 68% of Americans report that positive reviews of a business make them more likely to use that business.

Here’s how to find and use your customer testimonials to attract new customers and keep existing customers coming back.


Know Where to Find Positive Reviews

To use positive feedback to help grow your business, you’ll need to know where to find it. Start by reaching out to customers directly. Follow up surveys and emails are an opportunity to ask customers to rate their experience and offer feedback that can be used to promote your business. When your business is established, you’ll also be able to go online and find feedback through online reviews. Check review sites as well as social media to see what customers have to say about their experience with your business.


Turn Feedback into Customer Testimonials

After you find the positive reviews of your business and the product or service you’re selling, turn that feedback into customer testimonials that you can use in content marketing and beyond. Reviews like “awesome company!’ are great, but don’t offer enough details to make a compelling case for choosing your business. You might reach out to individual customers and ask them to expand on their experience.


Expand with Video Testimonials

A written review is useful, but a video testimonial can make an even larger impact on potential customers. A video showing a customer talking about their positive experience can help create a connection between them and the customer watching. Video content is engaging and can convey the emotion behind a purchasing decision and customer service experience. For small businesses, investing in recording video testimonials with a small group of excellent customers is well worth it. Posting the videos on your business YouTube page, your website, and social media will add a new level to the customer experience.


Feature Your Content Online

Social proof is an important part of reaching new customers online. Throughout your Facebook page, social proof works by sharing feedback from current customers to create a positive reputation for your business for potential customers. Share posts from customers on your Facebook page, retweet Twitter posts and add five-star reviews to the captions of Instagram photos. When customers find your business on social media, they should immediately get a feel for what your company can offer them and how you’ve created a great customer experience for others already.


Don’t Neglect Your Website

In many cases, your website will act as the first impression a potential customer has of your business. While an individual might seek you out or stumble across a post you’ve made on social media, there’s also a good chance that you’ll be found through a Google search. Be sure to include customer testimonials throughout your website. That could mean a page dedicated to feedback, regular blog posts to share case studies, and a video front and center on your landing page. Positive reviews can make an impact at every stage of the customer journey and should be highlighted whenever possible.


Take Customer Testimonials Everywhere

While sharing case studies on your blog and positive reviews on social media are incredibly helpful, these resources can do even more to pull in potential customers. When traveling to trade shows, selling products at an event, or taking any other opportunity to take your business on the road, you can put customer testimonials to work. Start with printed material highlighting some customer reviews, from a poster to set up at a convention booth to flyers that can be handed out to everyone who stops by. Video content can be incorporated as well. Adding a video screen to your setup adds an interactive element that will catch attention and keep customers interested.

From short quotes to in-depth case studies, there is value in every piece of positive customer feedback. The time, energy, and financial resources you put into finding and using customer testimonials will give new customers a better view of your company and the confidence to put their trust in you.

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Jess Barnes | Jess has a passion for helping small business owners build their brands and connect with their customers. She writes about money, tech, and marketing for blogs and businesses.