Ask any big brand out there, and they’ll tell you how important a brand positioning statement is.

They ensure that every facet of your brand is in alignment with what the company is at its core. Your statement can help you build your business. It also is beneficial for creating a brand strategy that coordinates with your goals.

It’s crucial to be consistent and direct with your businesses’ branding and mission. Brand consistency can increase revenues by 23% and help with awareness and recognition.

Having a clear and defined marketing position statement will help you achieve this consistency.

But how do you create a compelling statement that encompasses everything it needs to?

Keep reading to find out how to create a declaration that clicks with your business.


What is a Brand Positioning Statement?

Your positioning statement should be a brief description of your products or services. It needs to detail who your target market is and how your offerings fill the need of that market.

The statement is an internal tool you can use to keep your marketing efforts on brand.

Refer to your statement when making decisions about upcoming strategy and marketing campaigns. If the campaigns are not in alignment with what you’ve written, it’s time to reassess.

Though your customers will never read it, it should be short and concise, like an elevator pitch.


How to Write a Positioning Statement

Your statement must include four essential elements.


Target Your Customer

Your statement should include who your ideal customer is. What demographic do they fit into? You may have more than one target market but focus on the main one.

You need to be as specific here as possible. What are your ideal customers interested in? What influences them to make decisions?

It’s crucial to hone in on a particular target market. You can then start building relationships with those potential customers. Sixty-four percent of consumers admit that sharing values with a brand is essential.


Define the Market

What market does your brand fit into? Be sure to be as descriptive as possible here. You may fit into more than one market.


Make a Promise

What promises does your brand make to its customers? What benefit will they have through using your products and services? What makes your offerings better than your competitors?


Back That Promise Up With a Reason

What reason do your potential customers have for believing the promises you’re making? What evidence do you have that supports your brand delivering on its promises?


The Positioning Statement Formula

Now that you know what questions your statement should answer, it’s time to create it. The hard part is condensing the answers to those questions into one or two sentences.

Feel free to use our formula below to help you create your statement.

(Your Brand Name) is the (your market) that will help deliver (your promise) to (your target market) because (your reason). 

Here’s an example using the formula for an energy drink that we’ve made up.

EnergyUp is an energy drink company that will help deliver the energy that overworked and exhausted Millenials need to get through their day. The drinks can manage this task by using only the highest-quality natural ingredients that won’t cause any harmful side effects. 


Start Writing Your Brand Positioning Statement

Your brand positioning statement will help you hone your vision for the company. Refer to it to ensure you’re still operating in alignment. Use it when it comes time to make decisions for your next marketing campaigns, too.

Marketing can be very complicated. If you’re struggling with matching campaigns to your positioning statement, we can help. Our professional team can help you invest in marketing to ensure rapid capital growth and ROI.

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