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Easy Small Business Loans

Business loans are a type of funding product that an organization or company uses to pay for inventory, equipment, expansion, or other business expenses. The hallmark of this kind of business financing is that it has a set maturity date; there is a fixed date by which the business must pay off the loan. Business loans offered through Strategic Capital Partners are no different, but they do have many features that set them apart from traditional bank loans. Funding to your business checking can happen in as fast as 24 hours from the moment you apply. Repayment is made simple with a fixed term and fixed automatic daily or weekly remittance. A stellar credit history is not required to qualify, there are no checks to write, and no personal collateral is needed!

Why We Can Provide The Best Loan Online

  • Solid Foundation and Reputation

  • Strong Industry Partnerships

  • Approval In As Fast As 1 Hour

  • High Applicant Approval Rates

  • Commitment To Our Clients Goals

  • We’ve Done The Research For You

  • Funding In As Fast As 24 Hours

  • Simple Repayment Terms

How To Qualify For A Loan Online

Don’t be stressed worrying about if you qualify for a loan. Though credit is a very important factor lenders use to gauge your qualifications, it is certainly not the only factor. A well established business with consistent growth is our primary metric. At Strategic Capital, our three main qualifications are having at least a minimum of 6 months in business, a personal credit score of 500 or greater, and monthly revenue (gross sales) exceeding $10,000 on average.

Months In Business
Personal Credit Score
Monthly Revenue

Applying For An Online Business Loan

The application process for a small business loan online differs in many ways when compared to a traditional SBA loan or bank loan. Our hassle free, easy loan application takes minutes to complete and the business will often receive a decision to their application within just a couple of hours. The documents required for a small business loan online, again, differ greatly from the bank’s requirements. These include a signed credit application, the last 4 months of business bank statements, and proof of ownership.

Loan Repayment

Business loan repayment can be made daily or weekly dependent on the program selection. Our clients enjoy the simplicity of having their payments automatically withdrawn from their business checking. No deadlines to meet. No checks to cut. Streamlined. An example of our daily repayment structure can be found below. The entire payback period can range anywhere from 4-24 months depending on several factors such as personal preference and the total amount funded, however the average term length is 6-15 months.

Fixed Daily or Weekly Repayment Structure

  • For any business that invoices or charges customers

  • Automated fixed daily or weekly payments

  • Fixed repayment terms of 4-24 months

  • No weekend or holiday payments

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Pricing & Return On Investment

Unlike traditional bank loans that place a high emphasis on your credit score, we focus on the health and overall performance of your business. The fixed cost typically amounts to $0.10 to $0.40 for every $1.00 advanced, however extended term loans can offer fixed rates as low as 5.49%. We want to see your business soar to it’s maximum potential and view our funding products as a valuable investment for your business’ future.

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Strategic Capital Is The Best Choice

Strategic Capital was founded to tackle the prevalent demand for capital within the small business community. Our small business loans deliver when it comes to making you a profitable small business. We’re committed to providing you the best experience possible, understanding your business needs, and searching our vast network of lenders to find the best funding options available to meet those needs. We believe getting the loan you need for your business should be a fast, simple, and secure process; everything we do aligns to strengthen one of those pillars. With a talented team of advisors, a plethora or funding partners, and the best technology available – we go above and beyond to help our clients receive their business loan rapidly with the industry’s most competitive repayment options and interest rates. We want to break speed records, not bank accounts; making us the right choice for your small business loan online.

Receive $5,000 to $2,000,000 In Just 48 Hours!

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