Sometimes the difference between finding the funding you need for your business or not can rest on having a strategic, realistic and professional business plan. If you are denied funding because you don’t have a business plan that meets the needs most business investors want to see in a plan, you have an issue. You need the best business plan writing services you can get but where do you start when you want the best?

Are there criteria you should be using to determine who matches your business writing needs best? The answer is yes; there are criteria in finding what you need in business plan writing services. Read on to discover the details that provide you information on the top eight business plan writing services available today and what criteria helps them keep their top-tier standing.


Business Plan Writing Services

Discovering what the top eight business plan writing services are needs a clear and true definition of both a business plan and what a business plan writing service does for you when they write. A business plan is considered to be a road map that helps give your business a clear path to follow.

This clear path helps businesses avoid unnecessary detours or misdirection as it moves towards the future. The time and effort it takes to put a business plan together are sometimes considered the first investment your company makes. It’s an investment that pays big on the back end with the benefits and dividends.

Owning a business allows you to build something from the ground up, and no matter what your background is in, you can find a way to create a thriving business, even if it was owned before. You can build a business that represents your strengths.


Common Components of Every Business Plan

Almost every business needs a business plan writing service that can give create a business plan that makes you different from the competition. Yet, all business plans have the following common components. A typical business plan will have:

  • Table of Contents and Title Page
  • An executive summary that provides your business concept, financials, how much capital is needed, your current business position, and anything noteworthy about your business
  • Your business will be described within its industry
  • Product or service description with how you competitively rate
  • A market analysis will define prospects, pricing, distribution and marketing strategies
  • A competitive analysis is usually included that helps determine your businesses strengths, weaknesses and competitors
  • You will have a section dedicated to operations and management which goes over business functions and management breakdown
  • The financial components are also listed in the plan and usually contain three financial statements that include; income statement, cash flow statement, and balance sheet

You can also include any supporting documents such as resumes, suppliers, letters of reference, and more depending on what you determine makes your strongest financial need business case.


Professional Business Plan Writing Services

When you need investors for your business, you need a business plan that stands out from the rest. The list below represents the top eight professional business plan writing services.


 1. The Plan Writers

The Plan Writers has been ranked as a top-tiered business plan writing service for helping to write a business plan that attracts investor capital. They have over 3500 approved business plans approved by investors to date and every business plan is prepared by a top MBA expert.


2. Pro Business Plans

Pro Business Plans uses team members that come from the big four accounting firms or have extensive experience working in venture investment capital. They bring business plans to life because your business plan stands out from other businesses when presenting to an investor, bank, or marketplace.


3. Wise Business Plans

Wise Business Plans writing service is known for its brilliant business plan balance between your business ideal vs. where you’re at now and what you need funding for. They fit the budgets of most small businesses and customize your business plan to fit what you need most.


4. Cayenne Consulting

Cayenne consulting knows how to build a business plan that scales your funding need and can help your business reach new heights. There’s nothing that drives businesses forward more than one successful event at a time. That’s why Cayenne Consulting gives you the business plan that makes sure that investors notice your company one step at a time.


5. Growthink

Growthink has been around since 1999 and with over 4,000 business plans for its customers, they know how to make a business plan to meet your company’s strategic needs. Growthink business plan writers come from top universities like Harvard, Stanford and MIT. What’s more, they know how to create business strategies that help you succeed today and in the future.


6. MasterPlans

Master Plans is a top-tiered business plan service writer company that works best with franchise companies, financial modeling for investor business plans, and immigration business plans. They have over fourteen years of experience with approximately 16,000 successful business plans written.


7. Optimal Thinking

Optimal Thinking is a business plan writing service that uses experts in various and different industries to help write a business plan that makes you stand alone and on top of your competitors. Their business plans have raised over $3.5 billion, and each plan includes feasibility, growth, internal, winning investment plan, and more.


8. Way2Market

Way2Market produces a business plan that represents your entire business lifecycle so your strategy is well-represented and outlined. Way2Market business plans are investor grade and help you capture and keep the attention of angel investors or venture capital investors.


A Clear Path for Your Business to Follow

It all starts with a business plan and finding the right business plan writing services can take more than one phone call or scheduled time for research. You want your business plan expert to conduct market research but work with you on your business strategies for success.

There’s no business plan that makes you a million dollars instantaneously. But there are business plan writing services that create a business plan that stands out from the rest. It’ll keep investors interested and intrigued. An exemplary business plan will help guide your investors with your business roadmap that lets them know how much and when you’ll make money for them.

Strategic Capital helps to get your stellar business plan in front of the investors that can help go down the path you already know, you want to create so your business represents your bold and lucrative future. Reach out to Strategic Capital today so your business starts down the path to its successful future.

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Andrew Paniello | Andrew attended the University of Colorado and earned degrees in Finance and Political Science (Philosophy minor). He is currently a freelance writer with a primary emphasis on business topics. In his free time, Andrew enjoys playing piano, painting, hiking, and playing basketball.